For those who are looking for inspiration... by the sea.

Person in harmony with the  nature is a foundation for our homestead's educational and healing activities. Everyday life surrounded by nature empowers that. Services are provided by homestead's owners and specialists. 

Leisure activities

Nordic walking (poles for rent);

Cycling  on anexcellent cycle lane (bikes for rent) or cross-country. 

Jogging in the beautiful forest’s paths with a wide panorama to the Dutchman’s cap;

Riding the waves in kayaks (solo or two seat sea kayaks for rent);

Power kiting, training sessions available if agreed in advance;

Paragliding if the wind is blowing from the right direction;

Fishing (by using own equipment);

Riding horses (if agreed in advance).


Live music performances, outdoor cinema evenings, festivals of native and authentic Baltic celebrations, retreats from one day to a week long, tea ceremony, healthful mornings and many others events await you. 

Homestead rent for your events

You can rent a whole homestead or a part of it for your event for a day or more. Peace hours apply to all events without exceptions. Our homestead is popular location for themed children day camps, weekend retreats, weddings without alcohol organizers. 

Home cooked meals

A hostess will make a breakfast, lunch and dinner if agreed in advance. Menu can be made for the guest's needs.  Dishes are mostly made from home-grown vegetables, fruits and herbs. We also offer home baked bread and home made tea and syrups.  

Educational sessions

"Tastes of Lithuania" is a degustation of various  homemade syrups and teas from blooms, buds, berries with home-cooked bread.  

"Degustation of the forest" - feel your connection with the forrest and the tree. A journey through the forest.

The tips and tricks of amber catching; 

Amber’s healing characteristics and practical applications;

Local herb's healing characteristics and the ways used to process them;

Family camp for nature lovers „Discover the forest and bird species“;

Stories of local fishermen village;

Photographing the nature (colours, shapes, proportions, symbols);

Healing sessions

It is possible to perform healing sessions both on a single person and on groups.  Most of the healing sessions can be done by yourself and free.

Regular and group healing sessions are listed in our Facebook page.

Healing sessions:

Dance and sound healing session;

Amber therapy;

Sound healing session with singing bowls;

Herb gathering ( depends on the season)

Staying in the nature and enjoying the quiet;

Walking along the seacoast;

Fishing from the coast of the sea;

Amber picking;

Laying on hot rock in the beach during hot days.

Searching for pebbles with holes;

Beeing in peace with nature


Placio g. 10, Karklės k.,

Klaipėdos r. LT-92383    





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