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For those who seek inspiration... by the sea.

Home cooked meals

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The hostess will make breakfast, lunch and dinner if agreed in advance. The menu can be made for the guest's needs.  Dishes are mostly made from home-grown vegetables, fruits and herbs. We also offer home-baked bread and homemade tea and syrups.  

In collaboration with our partners from Plateliai, we made 2 herb mixes: one for winter and one for summer for you to enjoy or bring as a scrivener. Our partners are the first in Lithuania to be certified as a biodynamic farm. Together we created warming and cooling herb mixes. You can purchase it for yourself or as a great gift to your family. 

There also are a couple of restaurants in Karkle. "Žvejo sodyba" 200m from us and "Olandų kepurė" 1km away. 

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