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The little house is open all year round!   |   Camping is opening on May 1st.
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for those who seek inspiration... by the sea.

The homestead of local residents is ready to welcome holidaymakers who want to stay only 90 meters away from the Baltic Sea. The homestead is situated  at the boundary of the forest, in the southern part of Karkle near Dutchman’s cap, away from the busy spots of fishermen village.

Peace is waiting for you: sighing sea through the open window, Lithuanian meadow full of blooming wild flowers and herbs, old forest path over a creek to the sea, found pebble with a hole in for desires to come true, white sand and the waves of the Baltic Sea, the treating blue clay, amber and singing balls therapy. Long-awaited rest at the sea is waiting for you…

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Two historical apartments await you in a newly renovated house. As well as traditional wooden architecture house built in 2012.

Camping & Glamping

Spacious camping (11,000 sq meters) is arranged in harmony with nature. The camping guest number is limited, so there will always be enough space for outdoor games and children to play.


There are many options for active and engaging leisure activities: swimming in the sea, sunbathing, paragliding, exploring "Dutchman's  Hat", horse riding, tennis and so on...  

Education and therapy sessions

Person in harmony with nature is  foundation for our homestead's educational and healing activities. Everyday life surrounded by nature empowers that. Services are provided by homestead's owners and specialists. 

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