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Educational and healing sessions

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For those who seek inspiration... by the sea.
Educational sessions
Homestead tea and syrup
Homestead tea and syrup
  • The tips and tricks of amber catching; 

  • Amber’s healing characteristics and practical applications;

  • Healing characteristics of local herbs and applications in traditional medicine;

  • Family camp  „Discover forest and birds“;

  • Stories about local fishermen village and East Prussia;

  • Photographing nature (colors, shapes, proportions, symbols);

Healing sessions
Tibetan singing bowls therapy
Tibetan singing bowls therapy
Tibetan singing bowls
Dance movement therapy
Food therapy

It is possible to perform healing sessions both on a single person and in groups.  Most of the healing sessions can be done by yourself and free.

Regular group therapies are listed on the our Facebook page.


Healing sessions for groups, family, or for a person, that need to be booked in advance:

  • Dance and sound healing sessions;

  • Amber therapy;

  • Fractal art therapy;

  • Herb gathering ( depends on the season);

  • Massages:  amber, ayurvedic, Japanese massage, Baltic with wooden sticks.


Free healing sessions:

  • Staying in nature and enjoying the quiet;

  • Walking along the seacoast;

  • Fishing from the coast of the sea; 

  • Amber picking;

  • Laying on a hot rock on the beach during hot days;

  • Searching for pebbles with holes;

  • Being in peace with nature.


More about free healing sessions:

  • Staying in nature and enjoying the quiet

For those who are like to be calm and quiet, we offer silence healing sessions. We recommend not to choose the summer season for it, but it is also possible in the summertime too. If you choose this healing session hosts will communicate by gestures and leaving notes. When voice is silent, nature and heart speak.

  • Walking along the seacoast

Being active is being healthy. Walking along the seacoast is a great way to stay active. Especially in early autumn when the air is filled with iodine or in the spring when nature is full of healing ethers.

  • Herb gathering ( depends on the season)

Herb gathering is mostly done until the saint Jonas celebration, but some herbs are gathered later for example bird cherries. Herb gathering is being grateful to mother nature. It is a great way to stay calm, be in one with nature, and make natural medicine for the winter (If you want to gather herbs in our homestead, you have to contact hostess).

  • Fishing from the coast of the sea

It is legal to fish from the shore, however, you will need a permit if you want to fish from the boat.

  • Amber picking

If a storm interrupted your holiday you are in luck, because there could be amber on the beach. We were collecting amber since we were kids and we will be glad to share amber picking tips and tricks with you. What could be better than finding amber peace during a windy summer day?

  • Searching for pebbles with holes

Did You know that if you look through the hole in the pebble to the Sun and make a wish it will definitely come true? You can also just be grateful for all the great moments, people and feelings that happened in your life. I do it and it works.

  • Hot pebble's healing session

Hot summer sun heats pebbles on the beach. If you lay on pebbles you will experience an all-natural acupressure warmth healing session. While laying you can search for pebbles with holes and make a wish. If You feel pain in a certain part of your body while laying down on pebbles, you can consult with a hostess for a Shiatsu acupressure massage.   

Healing sessions, that You can order in our homestead:

  • Amber healing sessions

A warm amber healing session gives you energy and provides peacefulness. On the amber mattress, you will enjoy a massage with small amber bags, the harmony of surrounding nature, birds singing, and the sound of the waves. This healing session can be joined with a sound healing session with singing balls. We will serve amber water and tea from locally picked herbs as well as introduce you to the origin of amber and it's healing properties. You can purchase amber filed products for healing sessions at home with a discount. It is possible to order an amber healing session for one time or for the whole stay period.

  • Sound healing sessions with singing balls

The sound waves disperse through the body and provide deep relaxation as well as increase the body's self-healing abilities, remove energy blocks, strengthen the immune system. This healing session is for solving various psychological and physiological problems. It's perfect for couples, families. It can be done personally or for groups. This healing session can be joined with an amber healing session.

  • Dance healing session

Dance healing sessions are recommended if you want to solve emotional/psychological difficulties( especially ones like a connection with your body and movement difficulties), self-expression, traumatic experiences, psychological disorders, other illnesses in gerontology, and for those who are looking for ways for self-improvement. A dance healing session can be short or long-term, in groups or personal,  for couples or families, for children and adults.

  • Singing healing session for women

Various psychologists recommend singing as a way to boost your mood or direct thoughts more positive way. Research shows, that singing could be applied for therapeutic purposes, because singing releases dopamine (a hormone liked to happiness and pleasure).

  • Theatre healing session

During theatre healing sessions person relaxes, improves creativity, creates funny personifications of yourself in the future, and so on. Every participant leaves his complexes and has a possibility to better know yourself and improve friendliness to circumstances.

  • Fractal drawing

It is an amazingly simple and brilliant tool to work with yourself, which increases your creativity. Healing sessions during winter

  • Swimming in the ice-cold sea

  • Walking barefoot on the snow

Both individual and group healing sessions and educational activities prices are agreed on personally. It depends on the number of people, healing session in choice, duration and the complexity of the healing session. Discounts are applied to regular customers.

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