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The homestead of local residents invites you to relax by the sea. It is close to the forest, away from the busy attractions during the summer.

Peace awaits you with the rustling sea through the open window, Lithuanian meadow full of wild flowers, old oak and forest, path to the sea, the waves and sand of the Baltic Sea, healing blue clay, health services and education, exclusive active leisure, cozy and comfortable home environment.

In short – holiday by the sea awaits you, which you have been waiting for a long time.

Karkelbeck No 409 homestead is large and has its own philosophy and history. In 1,5 hectare area there is "Karališkasis gintaro cechas" (Royal Amber House) with private terrace and meadow; “Senoji Karkelbekės mokykla" (Karkelbeck’s Old School) with a private meadow and a view of the fountain; spacious and luxurious campsite close to nature, where the number of guests is limited and the educational pavilion with the surrounding area without drugs in any form.

The health and active leisure services provided in the homestead promote a healthy lifestyle - a healthy soul lives in a healthy body.

We are always happy for the guests who have already fallen in love with the homestead and for you who have not been here yet


According to the exiled former owners (Liepiai family), the history of the homestead dates back to the 16th - 17th centuries. This is evidenced by the wide-stemmed oak of the homestead. The homesteads were large because it was not the poor Karkelbeck (this is the old name of Karkle) rural fishermen who lived here, but farmers. This was thought to be the case until an extraordinary finding in 2012. In the summer, when the fisherman's cottage was reconstructed, there was found a token from the end of the 19th century with the German inscription „KÖNIGLICHE BERNSTEINWERKE. KARKELBECK No 409“. Thus came the name of the homestead. Such tokens were issued by the “Stantien & Becker” amber mine, which industrially mined amber in several places on the Curonian Spit coast, but mainly in Juodkrante. At that time, amber collection was taxed by the Prussian emperor. It is believed that the owners of the homestead either worked in this company or collected amber themselves and had a small amber workshop on their farm, where they processed amber caught at sea.

Amber and farming have improved the well-being of the family and at the turn of the century one of the three Karkelbeck's schools appears in the homestead, it is a classroom in the main room of the house and behind the wall – teacher's room. Today, this is proved only by the remaining centuries-old wallers and beams of the residential house on the website of the “Senoji Karkelbekės mokykla" (Karkelbeck’s Old School). In a house, renovated in 2008, on a second floor you will find and a history-filled apartment with two bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom.

For the guests' comfortable rest, we first rebuilt the former fishermen's hut (the name came from the fishermen who sorted the fish they caught in it). In the new house we tried to keep the old spirit, so we chose natural Lithuanian logs, windows and wood-burning stove, representing characteristics of this region. The token found during the reconstruction mentioned above testifies about the collection and processing of amber in this homestead. In the house, which we now call the "Karališkasis gintaro cechas" (Royal Amber House), we offer comfortable rest and amber therapy.

"Thank you for your wonderful stories, thank you for preserving the heritage, thank you for your tea, thank you for cozy and clean home, thank you for the window and the sunset through it. Here it is a very good place to stop and restore yourself "

2016 05  Remigijus

"Thank you from  the bottom of my heart for a perfect vacation! I didn't thought that it can be so great... A wonderful, cozy and beautiful  house was the best possible shelter from the fascinating nature outside. Very hospitable and sincere hosts left us no doubt that we will come back next year." 2015 08 Ingrida

"We have chosen  this homestead between other soulless ones. Appealing  surroundings and attention to natural beauty cough our eye. Later on we found a bench on the beach..., amber...,a stork, meadowsweets..."

2015 07  Marius, Neringa, Giedrius, Aistė, Lauras 


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